Type Salon
is an independent type design studio based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Located at the crossroads of the main European cultural routes, we create memorable letter shapes that present the combination of diverse heritage and contemporary presence. Type Salon produces finely-crafted yet multi-usable typefaces as retail fonts and outside collaborations. In addition to the offerings in the library, foundry accepts commissions for custom typefaces and logotypes as well as redesigns. We offer extensions of the existing typefaces or multi-lingual additions such as Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic and Hebrew scripts. For those who are eager to deepen the knowledge about type design, lettering and typography, Type Salon provides workshops suitable for the general public, experienced designers or agencies.

Alja Herlah has experience of working with international clients for type foundries Atlas Fonts, Berlin and Dalton Maag, London. She grows affection for scripts that are not Latin, with special focus on Arabic. Beside developing new typefaces she is very fond of educating type design at University of Ljubljana and workshops.

Krista Likar, as an experienced graphic designer, has always put her focus in choosing the right typeface for the appropriate use in diverse projects. She has broaden her knowledge on type design as attande of various type related workshops during her studies. She enjoys organising workshops and lectures as a member of Tipo Brda society.


us by e-mail: info@type-salon.com
or via Instagram: @typesalon