Type Salon produces finely-crafted yet multi-usable typefaces as retail fonts and outside collaborations. In addition to the offerings in the library, foundry accepts commissions for custom typefaces and logotypes as well as redesigns. Type Salon provides typographic workshops suitable for the general public, experienced designers or agencies.

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Alja Herlah,
Directress & Lead type designer
Alja is a Type Salon co-founder and senior typeface designer. She has experience collaborating with international clients from renowned type foundries like Atlas Fonts and Dalton Maag. She grows affection for multi-script type design.


Krista Likar,
Graphic & Type designer
As a co-founder and senior graphic designer, Krista has expanded her expertise in type design by focusing on the outline polishing. She finds great fulfillment in organizing workshops and delivering typography related workshops.


Luka Prelog
Type design & Marketing directions

Luka is junior type designer with great sense for motion design and marketing solutions. Great help with project Dotless type


Adriana Wiszniakowa
Font engineer and designer
A great help with developing our multi-script typefaces, with focus on Cyrillic script


Léa Ochoa
Type designer

She took care of expanded character set of our typeface Kadiz
Intern (2021)