Plecnik typeface follows the principles of the numerous and diverse architecture and graphic design works from the most famous Slovene architect Jože Plečnik, and so unfolds a piece of Slovene’s rich, yet still undiscovered typographic legacy.

Typeface Plecnik is defined by classical elements and shapes. With classic proportion, humanist stroke endings and low contast, Plecnik comunicates a modern, elegant and sophisticated message. Due to Plecniks recognisable shapes the typeface remaines memorable and irreplaceable. When used for book and editorial designs, branding, packaging or display, Plecnik will perform in its purpose. Designed in four weights and accompanied with italics, Plecnik also offers a Display style, which is even more distinctive and perhaps even more attributable to Plečnik.

Designers: Krista Likar & Alja Herlah

🏆 Recognition for excelent Slovenian design 2022, Brumen biennial 2022

Plečnik not only created the typography of numerous inscriptions on tombstones, monuments and building façades, but also the graphic and typographic design of a myriad of diverse publications. Based on a detailed research of his life, his works and his teaching principles, a new typeface has been defined and designed, which is not just a digitalisation of his sketches, but a reflection of current design trends, with roots in the shapes of Plečnik’s letters.
The development of the Plecnik typeface began with an examination of the extensive Plečnik House archive.
The most important parameter in the majuscules design of the Plecnik typeface reflects the use of classical elements and forms in the architect’s works. This proportion is called the classical proportion and in our case it is a distinctive feature of the Plecnik typeface. Other typographic features of the new typeface include geometric shapes, sans serif stroke endings, a humanist style of terminals and low or barely noticeable contrast in the thickening of the strokes.
Ornaments, inscriptions on monuments & tombstones, ex-libris, book covers, line breaks, plan designs – these are all part of Plečnik’s rich typographiv opus.
Distinctive shapes & the unique characteristics of the Plecnik typeface are hidden in the details.

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