Spektra (commercial use)

License covers all media types (desktop, wordmark, social media, web, app) and includes TFF, WOFF and WOFF2 files.
Price of license is based on the size of the license owner’s company—the client commissioning the design work.


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Additional information

Font Type

Spektra Family, Spektra Black, Spektra Black Backslant, Spektra Black Italic, Spektra Bold, Spektra Bold Backslant, Spektra Bold Italic, Spektra Heavy, Spektra Heavy Backslant, Spektra Heavy Italic, Spektra Light, Spektra Light Backslant, Spektra Light Italic, Spektra Regular, Spektra Regular Backslant, Spektra Regular Italic, Spektra Variable

Client size

≤ 3 employees, ≤ 10 employees, ≤ 20 employees, ≤ 30 employees, ≤ 50 employees, ≤ 100 employees