TYPE SALON End-User License Agreement


You are not purchasing the copyright to the design or any other part of the fonts, but rather the rights to use the fonts as specified in the license agreement. We grant you, the License Owner, a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable license to use the fonts for the purposes allowed by this contract. The fonts will be delivered to you upon receipt of full payment.


Our font prices are based on the size of the license owner’s company– the client commissioning the design work. Companies are required to pay a license fee proportionate to their revenue potential.


The License Owner refers to the client, the business entity that commissions design work, and not the agency or individual graphic designer producing the work. During the checkout process, you can specify the License Owner. If a designer is using our fonts for multiple clients, each client needs to have their own license.


The license fees are one-time payments, and there are no subscription fees. If the license owner’s company expands, an additional payment is required based on the size of the company.



A trial license includes small character set. It allows you to evaluate our fonts, before purchasing a comercial license. If you’re a designer, you can also use fonts to present design concepts to your clients. 

You must not modify, adapt, or create derivative works from it.


We offer a discounted student license, reducing the price of the font by 50%. Students can use the fonts for their projects even after completing their studies. If you intend to use the fonts for a client project, your client will need to purchase their own license. You can obtain a student discount by emailing info@type-salon.com.


Commercial license covers unlimited use (desktop, wordmark, social media, web, app) and includes TTF, WOFF and WOFF2 files. Price of this license is based on the size of the license owner’s company—the client commissioning the design work.
Companies are required to pay a license fee proportionate to their revenue potential. 


If you’re working with budget constraints, feel free to reach out to us,
explain your situation, and apply for a discount.


You are not allowed to:

• Use the fonts in a political context without obtaining our permission.
• Use the fonts to promote violence or discrimination.
• Convert the fonts to different formats.
• Modify, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the fonts.
• Create new fonts based on the designs within these fonts.
• Personalize font names in a way that violates someone else’s rights.
• Embed the fonts in a way that end-users can access them.
• Share the fonts with third parties (unless you purchase an additional license).
• Distribute the fonts without providing a copy of this contract.


Type Salon will either replace the Font Software or give your money back
if the Font Software doesn’t work properly and you let them know within
15 days of buying this License. To let them know, you need to send them
a copy of your receipt and state the issue with the font. Just remember
that using the Font Software is your own choice and responsibility.