Spektra is a versatile multi-script type family that combines 5 scripts: Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew. An unified counter space defines the construction that impacts the weight distribution of various styles. Spektra is a variable font with two axes: weight and slant. It pushes the weight axis from the very thin to the very black strokes. The heaviest style is defined by the thickness of Arabic horizontals, which represent the idea behind the design: consideration of the design characteristics of every script. Each weight is completed with an italic and a backslant style. The result is a highly expressive, characteristic and powerful type family. Spektra plays with the limits of its letter shapes, combines different locations, cultures and ideas and celebrates the differences among them.

Designers: Krista Likar & Alja Herlah

🏆 Special mention by GRANSHAN, 12th typeface design competition, 2021/2022

🏆 Recognition for excelent Slovenian design 2022, Brumen biennial 2022

🏆 Modern Cyrillic 2021 winner

Electrocardiographic communication
Sphygmomanometer tables
Παραδοσιακά συνδέεται με την καλή τύχη
наранџаста цветна вода
ويرتبط تقليديا بالحظ السعيد
Цитрус синенсис
הגיוון גורם לנו להיות

In use cases of Spektra.