Typeface Wesna was created as a reflection of the current state of design whose starting point is rooted in the letterings from the Slovenian posters from the interwar period. Bold strokes, condensed letterforms, sharp stroke joints and unique features are combined in the typeface. Wesna preserves the Slovenian typography heritage and establishes the connection between the past and the present through new digital formation. Available in 3 weights, italics in Latin & Cyrillic. Read more about case study and Slovenian poster.

Designer: Alja Herlah
Assistant designers: Krista Likar and Adriana Wiszniakowa

Poster was a mirror image of the time, place and society.
Hов шрифт, който ясно препраща към буквите на словенските плакати и тяхното типографско наследство.
City posters took on an important role in public communication and became part of the public space or, so to speak, the street, by which they influenced the everyday life.
Typography was one of the main graphic elements of a poster, and as new typefaces were developed by Slovenian artists and architects, it also took on an important national aspect.

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