ZGODILO SE JE ČISTO BLIZU NAS, exhibition part 2

Exhibition at the 30th anniversary of the beginning of war and the arrival of BiH migrants to Slovenia assembles personal memories of 45 individuals with selected media reports and other documentation, is divided into two parts. Stories about the leaving of homes, arrivals to Slovenia and the unusual life in exile.

In a focus was the location that 30 years ago offered the space for Bosnian refugees for the artistic activities that have opened the door for expression and creation for the migrants who have brought with them a huge amount of cultural capital.

Typeface: Wesna
Designer: Alja Herlah, Sara Badovinac
Foto: Jaka Teršek
Client: Vodnikova Domačija Šiška at Galerija Vodnikova Domačija
Year: 2022

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