POSTER AND SIGN, the leading themes of modern slovenian visual communications design

New edition of the book Poster and Sign, leading themes of modern Slovenian visual communications design. The book is an appeal by a group intensely concerned with Slovenian and Yugoslav cultural traditions as well as with creativity in our own time. It applies to visual culture and its roots, especially graphic communications, in which we recognize our past, our own time and ourselves.

Univerza Sans, designed by Type Salon, is used throughout. The book was republished by Zavod Basic, edited and designed by Ajdin Bašić, who explains:

The first time I read the book was as a third-year student of visual communications at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design, while studying design history with Professor Stane Bernik. At that time, the book published in January 1898 was simply impossible to get. It was the first and last publication of the Art Directors Club Ljubljana.

The main part of the book consists of relatively short essay offering an overview of the history of Slovenian graphic design, with an additional cross-section of key authors from each generation from the Second World War until then in Slovenian, Serb-Croatian and English text.

Typeface: Univerza Sans
Design: Ajdin Bašić
Year: 2021

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