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Spektra is a multi-script type family that combines 5 scripts: Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew. It is a variable font – italic axis: backslant (-20°) to italic (20°). Its condensed and black shapes are combining the same style concept throughout every script. Progressive shapes contribute for expressing statements on bigger mediums. Spektra, as a super family combines different locations, cultures and ideas as statements around the world and celebrates the differences among them.

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Sopran is display typeface expressed by long serifs and high contrast. Styles are distributed from monolinear in hairline and all the way to the extreme in the black style.

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Univerza Sans

Univerza Sans is hybrid between humanist and geometric sans, inspired by Slovenian avant-garde. Multifunctional use for identity system, formal communication, way finding, academic and scientific articles in order to share the institution’s spirit of knowledge, creativity, diversity and belonging. It speaks Central European languages, feels official but looks attractive and recognizable.

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