UČINKI ODTUJITVE / Performance and self-management in Yugoslavia, 1945–1991

Učinki odtujitve, Performans in samoupravljanje v Jugoslaviji, 1945–1991 (“Effects of disposal, Performance and self-management in Yugoslavia, 1945–1991”) was published by Zavod Maska, with a book cover designed by Ajdin Bašić. From the publisher’s website (auto-translated):

Yugoslavia in the 1970s was an extremely dynamic and rich field of conceptual art and performance. At the same time, it followed an independent form of political economy of self-government. Jakovljević’s work explores the strong link between the democratization of the arts and industrial democracy, which made it very difficult to classify Yugoslav culture at the time.

Typeface: Wesna
Design: Ajdin Bašič
Year: 2021

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